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New Feed Team is a young, dynamic, 100% Italian company serving the domestic and international animal husbandry market.
The company has inherited from its predecessor FIS 25 years plus worth of experience in the field of product preparation:

  • PRESERVATIVES – preserving the qualitative and nutritional properties of feed
  • ACIDIFIERS – optimizing digestive processes and aid production
  • MYCOTOXIN BINDERS – to prevent the harmful effects of mycotoxins
  • ANTIOXIDANTS – protecting oils and fats present in feeds and raw ingredients
  • FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS – improving digestibility of feed and enhancing production performance
  • HYGIENE PRODUCTS – improving hygiene conditions of litter and animal welfare

    FIS was founded in in Pieve Emanuele (Milan) in 1989 thanks to the drive and business vision and acumen of a group of scientists. It was one of the first companies in Italy and Europe to produce acid-based products for the preservation of raw materials at farms and storage facilities.
    The following are the company’s key milestones from 1989 through to the present:
    1989 FIS Srl established.
    1991 Starts collaborating with international research institutes.
    1992 As the company’s sales grow, it moves its headquarters to the PIP industrial zone in Lodi and builds its first warehouse.
    1993 Creation of SAFE®: one of the first mycotoxin binders featuring “multi-component” technology.
    2005 SAFE® ranked first for effectiveness in a laboratory test published in the scientific journal ‘Food additives and contaminants”.
    2006 The company expands its scope of business, exporting to a number of European countries.
    2012 FIS is certified GMP+ B3 and builds a dedicated warehouse. First appearance at the International Dairy Cattle Fair in Cremona.
    2013 The company continues to expand its foreign trade activities to include a number of Asian companies.

    2015 Develops natural antioxidants for pet food production market.
    2016 First appearance at EUROTIER Hannover. New distribution channels in African and Middle Eastern countries (Egypt, Israel).
    2017 After almost thirty years of business, FIS undergoes a rebranding, becoming New Feed Team.

    2018 Develops organic products line. Starts graphic restyling.


    From the outset, specialization has been both a company policy and a winning approach, allowing the company to establish itself as the go-to partner for livestock producers, feed manufacturers, importers and sector operators alike.
    For NFT, specialization is about possessing in-depth knowledge of the issues affecting agricultural products and foodstuffs and proposing unfailingly innovative tailor-made solutions.


    New Feed Team‘s mission is to provide targeted and timely solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
    Our Research & Development unit works in close collaboration with important international universities and research institutes to evaluate and certify product effectiveness.
    In preparation for the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, New Feed Team has identified a number of important objectives:

  • range of natural products
  • premixes permitted by DOP and IGP product specifications
  • special ORGANIC product lines
  • international fairs
  • increase exports

    The constant monitoring of production processes, which are certified to ISO and GMP+ standards, guarantee the high quality standards offered by New Feed Team.

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